Yennadon Elementary School

Nestled in the trees, Yennadon is situated on the outskirts of Vancouver in Maple Ridge. With a vibrant school community of approximately 570 students. Yennadon has created a unique “pod” model of education, which ensures the community stays connected to each other.


The model consists of four classes which are built around a common area where students can meet, work, and use computers to further enhance their learning. The classes in each pod range in age. Further facilitating the schools goal to maintain connections with each other. Creating mentorship and teaching abilities in older students while fostering a sense of belonging in younger students.


Before commencing the 2017 school year. An expansion of the elementary into the South Lilooet Centre located on the same site was undertaken. The annex was converted into a space specifically customized for the kindergarten divisions. The furnishings, educational resources and configuration of the space supports the needs of kindergarten learners, who can enjoy a more gradual transition into the elementary school experience.


A team of specialist were engaged to transform and renovate the existing annex building into four elementary school classrooms, within a very short time period and with a minimal budget. Our role was to explore and provide design solutions for the classroom glazing and washroom identifiers. The areas and places where kids can learn, play, create and essentially get their hands dirty.


The simple act of placing your hand in some paint, and using your finger/s to make marks and draw was the initial starting point to the final design solution. Using four previously established colours along with numbering the rooms. We achieved a cohesive design which works as a family and distinguish’s each of the four rooms.


Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Design by Femi Coppi. Creative Director Bonnie Retief.
Special Projects Director Ian McLean.
Images courtesy of HCMA Architecture and Design.