Works & Words from a World Away

What do they say about us on the other side of the world?
And what do you know about them?


In 2014, Curator and Contemporary Jeweller, Claire McArdle spent a semester in Estonia as part of an artist residency at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin. From her travels and practice she undertook a large curatorial project, Works & Words from A World Away. The exhibition dives into our understanding, judgements, and curiosities of people and their cultures who live on the other side of the world.


What do they think, and know about us?


In each country (Australia and Estonia) statements were collected from members of the public about their knowledge and opinion of the other country. Artists chose a statement about their country from someone on the other side of the world and were asked to create a piece in reaction to the statement. Uniting the northern and southern hemispheres through the work of jewellery and object artists.


Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Design by Femi Coppi. Creative Direction Claire McArdle.
Exhibition images courtesy of RMIT and Claire McArdle.