Vertical Dance

Vertical Dance is a seven day event held in Vancouver, Canada. The summit welcomes dancers and choreographers from around the world. Initiated by the Canadian Dance Society Aeriosa.


Influenced by a diverse set of arts and practices–contemporary dance, rock climbing, speleology, circus, and parkour. Blending creative practice, technical innovation and thoughtful risk management. Vertical Dance turns traditional performing arts inside out.


In conjunction with HCMA Architecture + Design an urban scan of Vancouver was conducted to identify the conditions that could best support Vertical Dance performances.


To assist in engaging the business district a brochure was created to inform local businesses, building management, community planners, and event coordinators of the inaugural event. In the hope of expanding the number of performance sites and evolve the programming of Vertical Dance across Vancouver.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designed by Bonnie Retief and Femi Coppi
Images courtesy of HCMA Architecture and Design