Radiant Pavilion

Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial Radiant Pavilion is a celebration of jewellery and object practices in Australia and abroad. The active program is thoughtfully coordinated and events are held all over the city. Which allows practitioners and the general public to investigate, listen, present, connect, collaborate and share experiences over the two week event.


Radiant Pavilion aims to not only celebrate, but support the contemporary jewellery and object field. This is achieved by creating new platforms for practitioners; connecting them with theorists, collectors, wearers and appreciators. Their work is exposed to a growing audience by increasing visibility and awareness of the field. And thus establishing a southern focal point for the global field.


In 2015 the inaugural year. The curated program showcased 217 artists from 17 countries in 57 events including urban interventions, performances, installations, exhibitions, talks and open studios.


Playing with the uppercase characters of ‘Radiant Pavilion’ we developed a simple radiating shape from the ‘A’ and ‘V’. Resembling a compass; or up and down arrows, we played with them rotating each one 90 degrees to create left and right arrows. The arrow has become a strong navigational tool which is used across the festival.


Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Design by Femi Coppi. Creative Direction by Claire McArdle and Chloe Powell.