Princes Pier

Constructed from 1912 to 1915, Princes Pier sits on Melbourne’s foreshore and is the second-largest-timbre-piled wharf structure in Australia. The pier was decommissioned in 1985. Along with the adjacent Station Pier; the area is rich in social history.


The pier was a significant arrival and departure point for trade, immigration and the events of two world wars. The Victorian Government recognised Princes Pier as an important part of Victoria’s maritime history and committed considerable funding to its restoration.


Interventions that invite human interaction was key to the design approach. Drawing people onto the pier, via a series of new public spaces, the pier is sprinkled with historical information to inform and delight the public.


Our team assisted in the development of the interpretation of the historical site, along with the way finding and signage strategy. We took into consideration the surrounding amenities, urban spaces, residential, and business precincts. Working with and within mandatory statutory signage, we were able to create and implement a cohesive way finding strategy and design.


Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Designed by Femi Coppi (Junior Communication and Production Designer) and Senior Designer Jane Joyce.
Working alongside historian Jill Barnard, artist Stephen Hennessey, Design Sense, and Lovell Chen Director Kai Chen.
More information can be found on the Lovell Chen website. Footage of the construction can be seen on the Major Projects Victoria youtube page. Images courtesy of Lovell Chen Architects and Heritage Consultants, Major Projects Victoria and Peter Glenane.