Liquid Room

Located in the heart of the affluent beachside suburb of Melbourne, Liquid Room is a unique health and wellness studio. Providing clientele with a safe and welcoming environment where one can restore their senses, and experience transformation through a variety of services.


Approached in 2015 by founders Ivy and Richard to assist with the branding and exterior signage of their new studio. Liquid Room has continued to grow under their guided eyes and hard working team.


LIQUID/*lɪkwɪd/ a substance that flows freely, clear, pure, harmonious.
ROOM/ruːm,rʊm/ opportunity or scope for something to happen or be done.


Each practice at the studio benefits the other, a ripple effect you might say. This central idea allowed the design to evolve exploration and research of water patterns, movement, and flow.


Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.
Design by Femi Coppi.