Krista McRae

Krista McRae is a contemporary and bespoke jeweller from Melbourne. Krista’s work combines and draws attention to the creative process that exists in both art and jewellery making.


Krista creates unique and personalised pieces that tell a story of their beholder. Her carefully conceived and composed pieces are the translation of a simple line drawing into an object. Sometimes the pieces are employed with precious and semi-precious metals and gems, drawing attention to their material form and also their design and construction. These gems glisten and glow like stars in the night sky.


Krista’s unique work and creative process lead to the development of the identity. Working together we sketched, prepared mock ups and bounced ideas off each other. Her simple line drawings became the main element in the identity. A variety of printing techniques allowed for the visuals to take on a whimsical charm and effect: a night sky, a hidden treasure, a romance…


2009 to 2015
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Designed by Femi Coppi and Krista McRae.