Gillian Hillman

Gillian Hillman is a contemporary and bespoke jewellery designer from Melbourne. With her unique skills and perspective she is able to reflect the customers needs, and style into her custom designs.


Alongside her custom pieces she continues to develop signature ranges, and breathes new life into old pieces of jewellery by using precious stones and metals.


As a maker, I brought a general understanding of the nature of Gillian’s business. Listening, learning and grasping her needs was essential to the brand development. Her work is an extension of her own personality, style and aura.


Crafting, manipulating, soldering, forging, enamelling, setting, pickling and polishing. The perfect way to encapsulate her, and her work visually was by using her hand written signature. Visually stunning and unique. It is a distinctive mark that can feature over all collateral pieces. Refined further to develop a personal monogram, her makers mark.


2015 to 2019
St. Kilda West, Victoria, Australia.
Design by Femi Coppi.