Duchess Park Secondary

The replacement Duchess Park Secondary School building was completed in 2010. The school has a rich tradition for academic and athletic excellence while promoting inclusiveness. The new building supports nearly 1,000 students and faculty.


The building has a physical and social environment more like a college campus than a traditional secondary school. It came to our attention that privacy screens would be necessary for key areas within the school.


Being an inclusive school dedicated to community we proposed a collaborative drawing event for students, staff and families to attend. The purpose was to create a drawing that could be used as the base of the privacy screen graphic.


The graphic would represent the school community. Participants would make marks, tell stories through drawing, share and connect with others, whilst playing a role in the graphics development. Which further echoes the role they as individuals play within the wider school community.


2017, Concept only
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Design by Femi Coppi. Creative Direction Bonnie Retief.