Design Now 2010

Design Now! 2010 the annual national graduate exhibition, showcases the work of eighteen design graduates selected from over 250 nominees across Australia. The six categories include: Design for the Built Environment, Design for the Body, Design for Communication, Design for Studio Production, Design for the Home, and Design for Industry.


The finalists captured the diversity and breadth of contemporary design, ranging from jewellery, fashion, product, graphic and textile design, to architecture, photography and ceramics.


The work showcased is intelligent, tactile, focussed and impactful. Design and craft is at the core of the exhibition, the eighteen finalists are an expansion of this. On paper a bubble diagram would be the best representation.


We decided to play by pinching, creasing and manipulating lined tape to create the exhibition title. This became the base of the word “NOW”. Which is juxtaposed against the clean and refined typeface used for “DESIGN”. Alluding to the creative process undertaken by the finalists.


A small zine was created to allow the audience insight into the finalists creative processes. Each finalist was asked to work with an A5 sheet of paper however they desired. An intimate run of 300 were printed for the opening.


The circle is an extension of the object brand, so we utilised this as a tool to create the exhibition design and establish the visual language.


Surrey Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Design by Femi Coppi and Kate Ford.
Images courtesy of Australian Centre of Design.